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Breakfast with students of St. Raphael’s School

Becoming Confident Englisher Speakers – 10th September 2022
Making A Good Impression - Session by Dr Ranjini Manian over Zoom on 26th August 2022

Shakthi Scholars- 1 Bridge Career Guidance Session by Mr. P Thirunavukkarasu of Wipro Limited on 1st October 2022

Husbands protect the country; Wives are trained to keep the house !

Shakthi Scholars- 1 Bridge Donors with Championwoman

Make good impressions

Train the Trainers

Reinvent Yourself to #BreakTheBias

Meeting of the Minds - A High Tea with Leaders

TN Secretariat 1700 Milestone

TN Police 2000 Milestone - 1

TN Police 2000 Milestone - 2

Apollo Hospital 1000 Milestone

Champion Woman initiative empowers women to be productive in workforce

Foundation aims to empower more women

Permit Yourself To Be Imperfect, Drop The Guilt And Work On Your Passion And Skills!- Says Ranjini Manian

How to go from being mind full to mindful

Champion woman workshop focuses on building confidence, emotional resilience

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