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Our Programs

Our Unique-3 Pillar Approach

Strengthening Sense of Self

Embrace your uniqueness, honour your values, and trust your instincts. Strengthening a sense of self begins with self-acceptance and self-belief.

Applying Gender Smarts

Challenge gender stereotypes and biases by fostering an inclusive mindset. Recognise unique gender strengths.

Integrating Work and Life

Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Prioritise self-care, set realistic expectations.

Our in person / virtual sessions are at 3 levels


Our life-leadership coaching workshops are tailored to:

• Increase productivity in the workplace
• Enhance self-esteem and self-confidence and achieve work-life balance
• Guide goal-setting
• Facilitate the change from reflexive to reflective thinking
• Help prioritize financial independence
• Promote mindfulness to achieve a productive and happy life


Structure of ChampionWoman for college girls:

TopicKey Focus Areas
How to enhance your self-esteem and be a leaderSelf-Esteem and Goal Setting
How to create a BRAND U and prioritize self-careFitness and Grooming, Time/ME Management
How to come across as confident and assertive in reaching goalsExpressive Communication, Career-Ready Skills
How to use gender understanding and strengthen top leadership traitsGender Sensitivity and Networking
How to build your inner toughness and steady emotionsOptimism, Resilience, Emotional Strengthening


We nurture entrepreneurs, home makers and senior schoolgirls to become mindful leaders.

Shakti 1Bridge – Senior school girls

ChampionWoman supports girls financially to complete schooling and technical/professional college education and go out into the world as confident, happy, and productive citizens.  Apart from offering financial support, we mentor the girls to develop physical and emotional health and leadership skills to enable them to choose a career that suits their talents and aspirations.  

Our generous supporters donate funds and time to help the girls rise to their full potential.  


A unique curriculum curated and designed to strengthen the core leadership style of business owners.  It is a customised, immersive learning experience with actionable strategies where cohorts co-mentor each other.


ChampionWoman leadership sessions strive to create confident women by helping them take the first step towards identifying their passion in order to lead a life of purpose along with their families