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Shakthi Scholars- 1 Bridge Donors with Championwoman

In an act of generosity and compassion, the Reddy family treated 150 young girl students of St. Raphael’s Girls Higher Secondary School in Mylapore, Chennai, to a delightful Indian breakfast on 8th August, 2022. Isabelle, Renee, and Raj Reddy brought the spirit of giving to Chennai, all the way from South Carolina, in the form of a spread of lemon rice, vadas, kesari, idlis, and much more. St. Raphael’s, a Tamil-medium school, mainly sees students from the local fisherfolk community, with the government even arranging buses to bring in students from the outskirts. The girls were very curious and excited at the sight of new people with such exposure. They peppered the appreciative family with a long list of questions, as the Champions of the Shakti Scholars’ Programme at the Global Adjustments Foundation were happy to introduce them and help them engage with the donor family. This program was put together by Tanvi Arvind and Manasi Arvind the champions of shakthi scholars foundation. The event commenced with a speech from the principal, Mrs. Rani Prakash, followed by the Reddy family, who also shared a brief note of their thoughts and experience. The students were then served an array of dishes before returning to attend their classes with refreshed vigor.

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