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Becoming Confident Englisher Speakers – 10th September 2022
Making A Good Impression - Session by Dr Ranjini Manian over Zoom on 26th August 2022

“How does one make a good impression”?

Dr. Ranjini Manian addressed Shakti Scholars, being groomed to be successful, confident and compassionate in both their personal and professional journeys, on this pertinent topic on 26th August, 2022 via Zoom. ‘We all feel motivated and happy when we hear good news!’, she said, and kicked off the session by asking each participant to share a recent piece of good news they had received. She then asked if they had shared the news with their mentors and thanked them for their help. When only a few hands went up, Dr. Ranjini used the opportunity to underline the importance of gratitude. Gratitude need not be shown through huge or flashy gestures – keeping mentors updated on success immediately is the way to go, she stressed, adding that delay robs this of value. ‘Kono aida domo’ is a Japanese phrase that expresses thanks in advance – before a favour is done – which leads to things going well, she shared. “Sorry” is another very important word, Dr Ranjini said, stressing that an apology doesn’t make a person smaller – on the contrary, it makes them bigger and more mature. Being accountable for mistakes and apologizing for them on the spot gives the other person confidence in you, she asserted. – Manasi Arvind & Tanvi Arvind – Champions of the Shakthi Scholars’ Program

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