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Make good impressions

The remarkable session was organised by Tanvi Arvind and Manasi Arvind, the champions of shakthi scholars program at the foundation. “How does one make a good impression”? Dr. Ranjini Manian addressed this pertinent topic to Shakti Scholars on 26th August, 22 via Zoom. ‘Pertinent’ – it is, for – these Scholars are being groomed for life both in their personal and professional journeys to be successful, confident and compassionate human beings. She remarked that ‘We all feel motivated and happy when we hear good news!’. She started off the session by asking each one to share recent pieces of good news in their lives and followed it up by asking them if they shared this news with their mentors and thanked them for their help?! When only a few hands went up, Dr. Ranjini brought up the importance of ‘gratitude’, in making a good impression. Gratitude need not be shown through huge actions and flashy favors, but just keeping your mentors in the loop and sharing your success with them, says it all ! It is also something that should be expressed immediately as it loses its value over time. She shared 3 instances in her life when she expressed gratitude before she got a favor done which also turned into a form of manifestation. ‘Kono aida domo’ is a Japanese phrase of gratitude, which the Japanese express (common in their tradition), before a favor is done for them, which leads to it – happening well. Ranjini ma’am suggested a small activity. ‘Put a piece of paper in a box each time you express your gratitude to someone’ and when it reaches 100 pieces of paper, it would be exchanged for a present! “Sorry” is another very important word that makes a good impression. It does not make you a smaller person, it only makes you bigger and more mature. Taking accountability for your mistakes and apologizing for them on the spot gives the other person a feeling that you have remorse for your action and you will try not to repeat it. She engaged each participant through the meeting effectively and summarized the impact and importance of the 2 words, ‘gratitude’ and ‘sorry’ in making a good impression! Thank you Ranjini ma’m for articulating lucidly and with examples, this very important life skill, for everyone! I too will be more sensitive to this, hereafter 🙂 Making a Good Impression :- Following are the 3 takeaways 1. Virtual Meeting Etiquette: Engage every participant, show your hands on screen so viewers see you are not distracted. Let them speak and comment on the Topic, as an icebreaker. 2. Life lesson1: Say ‘thank you’ with a specific line and say it in a timely manner 3. Life lesson2: Say sorry early and take responsibility, don’t pass blame.

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