A non-profit nation building initiative.

Empower women to be balanced, confident and productive in the workforce

India’s ONLY Mindful Leadership program providing masterclasses and mentorship, customizable as virtual and in-person sessions to enable a positive mindset shift in women, so they scale professional heights and achieve holistic fulfillment.

We have impacted 500,000 lives and counting.

The unique ChampionWoman life-leadership curriculum effects a positive mindset change in women by enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence to attain their full potential, become mindful women leaders and achieve all-round fulfillment.

Why we Champion Women

Global Adjustments Foundation (GAF) is a non-profit organisation that believes championing a woman will result in nation-building, as she will be empowered to nurture her family, community and country.

ChampionWoman life-leadership coaching workshops boost women’s self-worth, promote physical and mental well-being, and arm them with robust career goal-setting and effective communication skills. This improves self-confidence, enhances the ability to meet challenges at home, in society and at the workplace, and drives career advancement.

Despite near parity in college education, women’s workforce participation in India is low, with a ratio of 28:82. ChampionWomen workshops aim to close this gap by empowering women to achieve employment and lead effectively.

We have already touched the lives of 500,000 women and girls, and hope to reach 1 million by 2025.

Our Programs

Our workshops empower women, making them resilient, mindful, capable leaders



At ChampionWoman, we work towards effecting a positive mindset change in women at the workplace, enhancing their self-esteem and self-confidence, and helping them reach their full career potential while honouring their commitments on the home front.
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College Students

College Students

ChampionWoman programs for students are aimed at making them career-intentional and job-ready as well as life-ready, with the thrust on leadership and self-care.
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ChampionWoman customizes programs for entrepreneurs and homemakers and supports schoolgirls in continuing their education and seeking and sustaining a career.
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Our Unique 3-Pillar Approach

Strengthening Sense of Self

Embrace your uniqueness, honour your values, and trust your instincts. Strengthening a sense of self begins with self-acceptance and self-belief.

Applying Gender Smarts

Challenge gender stereotypes and biases by fostering an inclusive mindset. Recognise unique gender strengths.

Integrating Work and Life

Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Prioritise self-care, set realistic expectations.

Our Impact

Women achieve self-transformation and experience a mindset change which helps them reach their full potential.

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ChampionWoman facilitated a positive mindset change in women of various groups including college students and faculty, homepreneurs, entrepreneurs, teachers, IT professionals, police personnel, soldiers, nurses, government and corporate staff.   

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ChampionWoman organised high-energy, in-person and virtual instructor-led workshops, enhanced by engagements on
digital media and an android APP.

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Corporates who think out of the box, reputed educational institutions & government departments have embraced the
ChampionWoman Mindful Leadership Workshops.

Movement by

Our Movement

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Ranjini Manian, the ChampionWoman NGO empowers women through life-leadership workshops crafted from her extensive experience. Our curriculum boosts self-worth, resilience, and leadership, targeting 1 million women by 2025.

Our Target Participants

We champion women in Government and corporate jobs, nurses, police personnel, soldiers, teachers, and other professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, homepreneurs, students and help them achieve both career success and fulfilment in life.

Our Strategy

We offer life-coaching workshops focused on personality enhancement, with the emphasis on building inner strength and
inculcating mindful living. Our method of teaching is interactive, fun and practical, with lots of stories and role modelling by our team of Life Coaches.

What We Achieve

We empower women to be life-ready, helping them evolve into authentic leaders with an inclusive mindset, & efficient communicators committed to growth, practising compassion and mindfulness as a way of life to achieve a satisfying work-life balance and contribute to nation-building.

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Provide life coaching to maximise the emotional, physical and leadership skills of women


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Provide life coaching to maximise the emotional, physical and leadership skills of women

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Provide life coaching to maximise the emotional, physical and leadership skills of women

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